It was in 2016 by travelling through the Languedoc wine region, I discovered the Canal du Midi in South of France in a triangle linking the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees and the medieval town Carcassonne. The Canal du Midi is listed at UNESCO World Heritage Humanity site and is a navigable waterway linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. Regarded as the second biggest construction site after Versailles during Louis XIV’s reign, the Canal du Midi was created to promote trade in the Languedoc region to ship salt, wheat and wine.

Working as a professional wine taster, writer for several editors and research associations, I am a passionate Sommelière. The fascinating thing about wine is that here a product is associated with personal commitment. Wine is about conviviality, it evokes memories of Sunday family excursions, and summer afternoons sipping wine with good friends.

I would be glad to welcome you on board of my floating vinothèque, where you will experience an initiation to wine tasting and discover the multitude of the Languedoc wine region plunged in the rhythm of a sweet life in South of France.